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Shuffleboard Table FAQs

Shuffleboard Table FAQs
Yes, we specialize in White Glove Installation, and have received many accolades for our installation services. Please check out the Shuffleboard Table Reviews and Testimonials section of our website to see what our customers have to say.
Our Shuffleboards range in size between 7 feet long and 22 feet long. A standard, regulation size Shuffleboard tables is 22 feet.
All of our shuffleboards feature genuine Canadian Maple playing surfaces. More than a century of manufacturing has proven that Maple is the best, most stable wood species for a shuffleboard. Lower quality tables use birch, poplar and other less expensive woods, which are more susceptible to warping.
Setting up a shuffleboard table is not complicated. All of the individual components are preassembled. The only assembly involved is attaching the legs to the cradle. This is just a matter of putting the legs into the designated location, putting the bolts through the predrilled holes and tightening the nuts. The playfield (the board itself) is heavy (up to 420 lbs on a 22' model) and will generally require 3 to 6 people to help lift it and set it in place. The other parts of the table, namely the cradle and the legs, can be easily managed by 2 people.
No. Commons tools like a 1/2" or 9/16" wrench, a screwdriver, and a 2' and/or longer level are usually all you will need.
If you choose to have us install your table, the job will be handled by one of a select number of qualified shuffleboard professionals we work with. Shuffleboard is our only business and we take it very seriously. Our installers have many years of shuffleboard table specific experience, and set up shuffleboards in homes, offices, bars and clubs, and local, regional and national tournaments. Many of the people who handle our installations are also part of the set up and leveling team for the North American Shuffleboard Championships. They have many years and sometimes decades of experience in setting up shuffleboards and have set up hundreds of tables.
Damage is rare. This is because the tables are very well crated to insure that damage does not occur. We use only nationally recognized, well qualified companies to handle our deliveries. In the event your table is damaged, we will handle all of the paperwork to insure that you are shipped a replacement table on a timely basis. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. To see what our customers have to say about our service, click Testimonials.
Once the legs have been attached to the cradle, it is ready for leveling. The next step would be to start at either end of the table and place the level on top of the cradle directly over the legs. Continue by turning one of the threaded "feet" on each leg until the cradle is level in that spot and then move to the area over the next leg. There are either two, three or five legs, depending on the brand and length of the table. Continue in this fashion until you have worked your way to the other end of the table. In a similar fashion you would then check the end to end (lengthwise) level. Because of the size of a shuffleboard table, it will take from a few days to a week to completely settle in, depending on the type of flooring. This means that you may need to do a little fine tuning after the board has settled, even if you have someone else install your shuffleboard.
Climatic Adjusters are used to keep the playfield true. Because the playfield of a shuffleboard table is wood, it will behave like any other piece of wood and will swell a little in more humid weather and contract slightly in drier conditions. This can affect the trueness of the playfield. The "climatic" adjusters will compensate for those natural occurrences. For most people, a shuffleboard table is a major investment. Before you buy a shuffleboard table, it makes good sense to make sure the company you buy it from can tell you, based on where you live, how your climate will affect your table and how and when to use the climatic adjusters. Improper use of the climatic adjusters could cause a table to crack, so check the knowledge, experience and qualifications of the people you are dealing with before you buy.
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