22' Shuffleboard Tables

22' Shuffleboard Tables

Pick Up a Regulation 22 Foot Shuffleboard Table Today at The Shuffleboard Federation!

As one of the best Shuffleboard Table vendors in the nation, we have all of the supplies and table options that you’ll ever need in one spot. While we have it all, our selection of 22 ft Shuffleboard Tables for sale is regulation size and both a classic for competitors and perfect for any size of enthusiast.

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Why Choose Our 22 Ft Shuffleboard Tables?

Investing in a Shuffleboard Table is a big step, and the size of 22 feet is daunting, to say the least. While not usually the format chosen by casual players, a 22 foot Shuffleboard Table is critical for anyone considering participating in official tournaments. As the regulation size, it works perfectly as an investment worth considering for anyone genuinely invested in the Shuffleboard Table scene.

Our selection of 22 ft Shuffleboard Tables for sale are gorgeous, customizable, and made by some of the best companies across the nation. All of our boards are also Made In The USA with high quality in mind, and when paired with our outstanding customer service, are guaranteed to create the perfect Shuffleboard Table experience.

Some of the many features paired with our 22 ft Shuffleboard Tables for sale are:

  • Beautifully made and crafted tables available for shipping all across the nation
  • Nationwide White Glove Installation available anywhere in the continental United States — a service unrivaled by any other company in the country
  • Customization options for all of our tables gives your investment that perfect personal touch for all of your competitive and casual needs
  • 22 ft Shuffleboard Tables are available for sale as low as $6,095, making the regulation size boards more accessible than ever before

If you’re interested in our 22 ft Shuffleboard Tables for sale, check our selection of more than 35 models for more information on your options!

The Best Selection of Supplies for Your 22’ Shuffleboard Table

Every Shuffleboard Table player should have the right supplies to pair with their boards. Shuffleboard Table Wax and Shuffleboard Table Pucks are both available for purchase on our website, so there’s no need to source out other shops for these necessities. Regardless of what style or material that you need, we promise that we’ll have it in stock. Check out our online shop today and pick out everything that you’ll ever want for casual or competitive Shuffleboard Table play!

22’ Shuffleboard Table Too Long? We’ve Got You Covered!

22 foot Shuffleboard Tables may be the regulation standard, but that doesn’t mean it is the end-all-be-all for Shuffleboard Table fans. As we stated earlier, we’re fully aware that going for one of our 22 ft Shuffleboard Tables for sale isn’t always viable. Whether it be size constraints, budgeting requirements, or just dipping your toes into the art and sport of the game, there is guaranteed to be an Indoor Shuffleboard Table for sale perfect for you. From the compact 8 foot Shuffleboard Tables to the middle-ranged options such as our 12 foot Shuffleboard Tables and 14 foot Shuffleboard Tables, we offer every size you could ever consider.

Regardless of the board’s size or the purpose for your purchase, we’re here to help with the entire Shuffleboard Table process. Contact us today to see what we offer!

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