Shuffleboard Table Wipes & Cleaning Pads

Our Shuffleboard Wipes make it easy to clean off the playing surface of your Shuffleboard Table. Check out this short Board Sweep video to see this convenient product in action. We have the only shuffleboard brushes with removable cleaning pads, so you can change them when they get dirty or caked with Shuffleboard Sand without having to buy a new board wipe. Three styles of board wipes are available: the Deluxe, the Pro Series, and the Pro Series Deluxe. All three models are made from Canadian Maple. The Pro Series has all the features of the Deluxe, plus it is hand finished and includes the markings of a shuffleboard playing field on the base, complete with foul lines. The Pro Series Deluxe has all the features of the previous models, plus a solid brass handle for increased comfort and control. Caring for your shuffleboard is easy with our unique board wipes and cleaning pads. The high quality materials, innovative design and quality construction make our shuffleboard wipes and cleaning pads the best choice in caring for any shuffleboard table.
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