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202 World Championship Shuffleboard Tournament

2002 WCT™

2002 WCT™
The 2002 WCT™ held April 2-7, 2002 at the Sands Regency Hotel/Casino in Reno, Nevada featured outstanding play from many of the best players in the world. Unfortunately, the turnout was disappointing. It is obvious that there is insufficient support from the pros for this to be a viable event in its present format. The players who did attend were unanimous and vocal in expressing their desire to see the event continue and pledged to do whatever they could to help. Several players also came forward to say that they would be willing to help insure the future of the WCT™ by making significant financial contributions to help offset the tournament expenses. We are grateful to all who came and pledged their support. More about our plans for the 2003 WCT™ later in this article.

The handicap draw was won by Bobby Voorhis and Dan Holland who defeated Bill Walker and Pete Craven in the finals. In third place was the team of John McDermott and Rick Gindt (aka "King of the Tequila Bar"}. In the Open Doubles, it was Darrel Nelson and John McDermott in first place. They came out of the losers bracket to beat Bill Melton and Bobby Voorhis, who had beaten them in the first round of the event. Third place went to Mike Kinney and Dan Holland. Al Pease and Rick Gindt finished fourth.

In an unbelievable finish, Darrol Nelson took top honors in the Round Robin Singles. He was tied in the win column with Joe Hudson and Nick Chaffin. The first tiebreaker was head to head, but with Joe beating Darrol, Darrel beating Nick and Nick beating Joe, it was still a three way tie. The second tiebreaker was total points scored, that dropped Joe into third, but left Darrol and Nick still tied, which necessitated going to the third tiebreaker, which was points allowed. Darrel won that, by giving up a total of six points less than Nick, who finished in second.

Second place was nearly as close, with a three way tie in the wins and losses column between Bill Melton, Al Pease and John McDermott. Bill finished in fourth, winning the tiebreaker by beating both Al and John. Al also beat John, which left him in fifth place and John in sixth.
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