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Miscellaneous Shuffleboard Supplies

Miscellaneous Shuffleboard Supplies
We carry a varied selection of miscellaneous shuffleboard supplies to further enhance your enjoyment of your shuffleboard table. You’ll find items ranging from maintenance tools to bowling pins and more! Innovative products, like plastic shaker cans, make caring for your table easier and less expensive, since they allow you to buy your wax in bulk. The shaker cans have metal lids with pre-drilled holes to make spreading the wax on your table easier. We also have talc bags, which are a convenient, long lasting way to keep your hands dry without the mess of baby powder. If you’re looking for alternative ways to enjoy your shuffleboard table, check out our fun bowling pins. The scaled down set, complete with a placement rack transforms your shuffleboard table into a miniature bowling alley! The 10 pin set is sure to be a hit with everyone in your family and will lead to hours of fun. As always, shipping is free on orders over $40.
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