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Shuffleboard Table Wax & Speed Powder
Get the most out of your Shuffleboard Table by using one of our Ultra Glide™ powdered shuffleboard wax products, which come in a variety of speeds. The tournament grade waxes, which contain our White Lightning® speed regulator, are used in virtually every major table shuffleboard tournament (and most of the smaller ones) in the country.

The choice of champions: We recently asked the five top rated table shuffleboard players in the world the following question: If you were playing in the finals of a tournament and could pick the powdered shuffleboard wax and silicone spray that were going to be used, what would you choose? Ultra Glide Powdered Shuffleboard Wax™ and Super Slick® Silicone Spray were the unanimous choice.*

*One player preferred Ultra Glide™ T3, and one chose Ultra Glide™ T5, the other three chose Ultra Glide™ T4, which is our best selling powdered wax product.
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