Shuffleboard Tables From 7' To 22' SHOP BY SIZE Low Price Guarantee
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Shuffleboard Tables From 7' To 22' SHOP BY SIZE Low Price Guarantee
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Shuffleboard Table Scoreboards and Lights

Shuffleboard Table Scoreboards and Lights
Finally, scoring is made easy with a Shuffleboard Table scoreboard from The Shuffleboard Federation!  

Browse our impressive collection of electronic and manual Shuffleboard Table scoreboards or find the perfect fit for your Shuffleboard Table with a little help from The Shuffleboard Federation founder and owner, John McDermott.   

John knows better than anyone that playing Table Shuffleboard is much more engaging with the use of a scoreboard. You, too, can add a bit of spice to your next Table Shuffleboard game and heighten the competitive spirit among your crew with a Shuffleboard Table scoreboard  

We offer an incredible selection of scoreboards to choose from depending on your Shuffleboard Table and, of course, your preferences. Choose from the leading American name-brand manufacturers — Venture, Hudson, and Champion — or opt for a unique scoring system designed to fit different Shuffleboard Table sizes and brands. Scoreboards are available in different styles to complement a wide variety of rich finishes and wood species.   

We also carry Shuffleboard Table lights and pin gates by Champion. Pin gates prevent free play on coin-operated Shuffleboard Tables and help you maximize your profits. Over-the-table lights illuminate the playing field, making it easy to see lines and weights for a more enjoyable game.  

There is something for everyone at The Shuffleboard Federation! Browse our line of Table Shuffleboard supplies to increase your enjoyment of the game to the max. Contact us at your convenience with questions and to learn more. 

Electronic Shuffleboard Table Scoreboards

Being a part-time Table Shuffleboard player and a part-time scorekeeper can distract you from enjoying the game. Let our electronic Shuffleboard Table scoreboards do the heavy-lifting for you!  

We offer many different electronic Shuffleboard Table scoreboard models to suit a variety of needs, from residential to commercial and from recreational to professional. Our coin-operated scoreboards are ideal for commercial establishments such as bars, clubhouses, offices, and entertainment venues, and many (but not all) of them are intended for universal use, meaning they are compatible with all Shuffleboard Table brands.   

If you’re looking to upgrade the Champion Shuffleboard Table, Hudson Shuffleboard Table, or Venture Shuffleboard Table in your home, you’ll find a great selection of electronic scoreboards for residential use here. 

Manual Shuffleboard Scoreboards

Ready to throw out the pen and paper and invest in a new, professional scorekeeping method? Our manual Shuffleboard Table scoreboards are available for sale and designed to fit practically every budget.   

Manual scorekeepers are available in oak finish and mahogany finish. They beautifully complement a range of Shuffleboard Tables from different brands. We also carry an abacus style scorekeeper for those who like to go old-school!

Shuffleboard Table Lights

Illuminate your Shuffleboard Table with premium quality lights from Champion and Hudson. These lights can easily be mounted to your Shuffleboard Table to provide optimum lighting and improve your gaming experience. 

Find American Shuffleboard Table Scoreboards and More at The Shuffleboard Federation

If you’re the proud owner of a Champion, Venture, Hudson, or Heirloom Shuffleboard Table, choose The Shuffleboard Federation for the leading Shuffleboard Table accessories and supplies. We know your Shuffleboard Table deserves nothing but the best, and we aim to deliver equipment suited for the champions — you!  

Browse our Shuffleboard Table scoreboard collection online or contact us for more information.
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