Shuffleboard Tables From 7' To 22' SHOP BY SIZE Low Price Guarantee
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Shuffleboard Tables From 7' To 22' SHOP BY SIZE Low Price Guarantee
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Shuffleboard Tables

Shuffleboard Tables

Premium Quality Shuffleboard Tables from Champion, Hudson, Heirloom, and Rock-Ola, in sizes ranging from 7' to 22'

Table Shuffleboard Headquarters | One Stop Shopping For Shuffleboard Tables and Supplies

Shuffleboard Tables come in many sizes and styles. The Shuffleboard Federation offers more than 50 models, from all the leading manufacturers, like Champion, Hudson, Venture, and Heirloom. Our selection of premium-quality shuffleboards are available in sizes ranging from 7' to 22', and come in a wide variety of options and finishes. Styles include sleek and modern, to ornate, traditional designs, and everything in between, like rustic, industrial, and Art Deco models, and even outdoor tables. We also specialize in custom-made and antique Rock-Ola Tournament Edition Shuffleboard Tables. Whether for hobbyists or professional shufflers, we'll help you select the perfect option for your home, office, or business. Our outdoor models are perfect for patios, decks and porches. No matter whether you're looking for residential, custom-made, or coin-operated shuffleboard tables.

We have every option imaginable to help you find the best fit for your unique needs and environment. We're enthusiastic shufflers ourselves, so we know the ins and outs of the game and are proud to be America's Most Trusted Shuffleboard Company Since 1987. Shop with confidence with our Best Plus 5 Low Price Guarantee. Let us help you personalize your table with the addition of a custom logo. Most styles come with the option to tailor the finish - and sometimes the wood species - to your preferences. Make the game even more fun and engaging with the addition of a manual or electronic shuffleboard scoreboard.

Once you choose your ideal table, be sure to browse our impressive assortment of Shuffleboard Table Supplies. We have everything you need to keep your table in tip-top shape, including speed powder, also referred to as shuffleboard sand, wax, sawdust, etc., along with board wipes, Maintenance Kits, Shuffleboard Rule Books, and even a Deluxe Accessory Package that includes all of this and more for one low price. This is the best gift for both serious and casual recreational players alike. You'll also enjoy our grade-A assortment of memorabilia, including collectible shuffleboard posters and prints that are a must for the game room. Take your game to the next level and improve your performance with a set of Pro Series Weights (pucks), and/or Aluminum Weight Caps. We also sell American Shuffleboard Pucks, for quality you can trust.

When you shop at The Shuffleboard Federation, our low price guarantee insures that you'll get the absolute best possible price.

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Luxury Shuffleboard Tables for Sale From Well Established Manufacturers | Explore Our Brands

  • Champion Shuffleboard

    The world's oldest and largest manufacturer. Since 1988, Champion has been focused on the craft of building quality shuffleboard tables. They offer residential, commercial and coin-operated shuffleboards. Based in Richland Hills, Texas, Champion invented the often copied, but never duplicated polymer finish, which carries a lifetime guarantee to never wear through or need refinishing.

  • Hudson Shuffleboards

    Hudson Shuffleboards is the Fastest Growing Shuffleboard Manufacturer in the World for one simple reason: They offer the high quality handcrafted shuffleboards at an unbeatable price. Regardless your skill level, Hudson Shuffleboards are a perfect addition for the home, bar, business or clubhouse. Using the finest craftsmanship only found right here in the USA, we handcraft our top of the line tables to provide years of fun and entertainment.

  • Venture Shuffleboards

    Venture Games is a second generation, family-owned American manufacturer, building custom shuffleboard tables, ping pong tables, and Foosball Tables. Each game table is carefully crafted and assembled by our expert craftsmen. We craft each of our tables using domestically sourced wood from renewable resources. Built on pride, integrity, and craftsmanship; Venture continues to forge ahead, creating new styles and product lines to ever push the gaming industry forward. Venture is and will continue to a leading innovator in the industry.

  • Heirloom Custom Shuffleboards

    With our Heirloom Shuffleboards brand, we recognize that "custom" is part of every "customer." When you ask, "Can you...?" We'll confidently answer, "Yes." Heirloom Shuffleboards, as the name suggests, are designed and built with the quality to last long enough to be given from one generation to the next on the family tree you're growing and be a part of your family for a very long time.

Antique and Vintage Shuffleboard Tables for Sale

If you’re fascinated with antique Shuffleboard Tables, we specialize in antique and custom-made Rock-Ola Tournament Edition Shuffleboard Tables. These factory-made antique Shuffleboard Tables were only built between 1948 to 1950 and are restored to look good as new; we can even customize its colors to best suit the needs of your interior if you plan to use it as an indoor Shuffleboard Table. Regardless if you're a professional shuffler or a hobbyist, we'll help you select the perfect indoor Shuffleboard Table for your home.

There are Many Different Shuffleboard Table Sizes for Sale!

Shuffleboard Tables come in a wide variety of sizes, and we carry them all. We have a huge selection of premium-quality Shuffleboard Table sizes for sale ranging from 7' to 22' and have many different options and finishes. Visit the Shuffleboard Tables By Size section of our website to browse our incredible selection, or click on one of the following links to see our options in your preferred size.

Timeless Entertainment For The Entire Family | Table Shuffleboard Is:

A Game for all ages: Shuffleboard fascinates the young and entertains the old. When a child approaches a shuffleboard for the first time, he may not understand the rules or realize the strategy, but he enjoys making the weight glide over the smooth wood surface.

A wonderful way to spend time with the whole family: As time passes, the child's mother and father teach him the rules. Soon he and his sister, who has also learned to play, are competing with each other nightly. When their cousins visit from out-of-town, a family shuffleboard tournament begins, complete with a homemade trophy.

A relaxing, fun way to entertain friends: As the siblings reach their teenage years, their home becomes the favored after-school hangout location for their friends. Their friends quickly catch on to shuffleboard, and the brother and sister no longer have to look forward to their cousins visiting at the next holiday to have a tournament. Their after-school tournaments are ongoing. The teens' parents also enjoy having friends over. Regularly, they invite other couples and families to their home for dinner, and the preferred entertainment frequently focuses on the shuffleboard.

A great way to develop hand-eye coordination: The more the siblings play shuffleboard for fun, the more their skills improve. Their hand-eye coordination has developed rapidly. Now when they play other games, such as table tennis or billiards, their hand-eye coordination allows them to be able to compete with more advanced players. They enjoy other the games, but shuffleboard remains their preferred game.

A competitive strategic game: Before long, the brother and sister figure out shuffleboard's strategy. The skills they've developed from playing for fun and the strategy they've learned find a new stage to perform on. They begin competing at national tournaments with others who, like them, learned to love shuffleboard as an entertaining game and pastime. Now shuffleboard is more than just a pastime, but their delight and amazement in watching the weight cross the length of the table effortlessly never changes. Just like the siblings, shuffleboard has entertained men and women, the young and old, and the handicapped and able-bodied for centuries and, at The Shuffleboard Federation, we want to help you carry on the tradition. Call company Founder/President, John McDermott, on his direct line at 866-561-8667 and let him put his 36 years of experience to work for you in helping you to select the right Shuffleboard Table for your lifestyle and budget.

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