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Table Shuffleboard Game Rules

These table shuffleboard rules are the official shuffleboard rules set by governing bodies for professional shuffleboard tournament play. Developed by The Shuffleboard Federation and the Player Policy Board, you can also download a concise list of these Official Shuffleboard Rules for easy referencing.


Rules of Etiquette
The rules of shuffleboard etiquette state that players shall shake hands before and after every match. There are to be no cigarettes, drinks or any other object not essential to the game in the hands or mouths of players while they're shooting. Players are allowed to walk to the opposite end of the board so they can examine the position of the weights, and all match contestants shall be respectful of players on the board next to them. All rules of good sportsmanship shall also apply. It is every player's responsibility to report any rule violation to a tournament official.

Rules Regarding Pregame Practicing
Practice on any board is allowed before an event begins. Once the event starts, players are not allowed to practice on the board they are scheduled to play on. In singles, each player shall have 4 practice weights from each end. In doubles, each player is allowed 4 practice weights from their end.

Start of the Game
Before the game begins, a coin is flipped for the choice of color or hammer. For 2 out of 3 events, the loser has the choice in the second game. If necessary, the coin is flipped again in game 3.

Board Preparation and Waxing
All boards are to be prepared with silicone each morning before the start of the day's event. Silicon spraying after the initial preparation is done as follows:

A player may wax dry spots on the rails up to the foul line, only out of the containers. This must be done when they are shooting, when it is their shot, or prior to the end of the frame. All other rewaxing shall be done by officials only, by mutual agreement.

Additional Board Rules
For single games and double-elimination games, a first-available-board and first-available-game format shall be used. For 2 out of 3 and 5 out of 9 events, there shall be designated boards and start times. No player is allowed to play consecutive games on the same board for the same event on the same day.

Rules of Play
In tournament play, the short foul line rule is in effect. Any weight, upon being delivered, that does not clear the short foul line shall be considered an illegal weight. If there is no score in a frame, the hammer (the last weight, 4th shot) switches to the other player. If the player who has the hammer shoots first, they lose the privilege and must complete the frame in that rotation. No double release shots are permitted. Middle of the board meetings are not allowed until one team reaches 11 points. A maximum of 1 meeting of 1 minute per frame is allowed thereafter.

Weight Rules
Any weights in question must be called by at least 3 people or by at least 5 people in money rounds or a game-deciding situation. A weight that might fall off the end of the board may be made safe by an official, if an involved player requests it. If this occurs, any weight of the opposite color which then out-distances it will not count. Players may use their own weights if they have blue and red caps. Switching caps is not allowed. All weights are subject to inspection. Weights that do not meet tournament standards are forbidden. Wax on a weight may be cleaned and re-spotted by an official, by request.

Rules of Scoring
All games are fifteen points unless otherwise specified. If the leading weights in a frame are tied, there is no score and the hammer changes to the other player. It does not matter if there are other weights currently on the board.

Prize Money Distribution Chart
Prizes shall be distributed according to particular percentages, based on the number of players or teams (See Official Shuffleboard Rules).

Rules Incurring Penalties
The following infractions are subject to a warning or a penalty.

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