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Horse Collar Shuffleboard Rules

Horse Collar Shuffleboard Rules

What is the Horse Collar Shuffleboard Game?
If you're interested in learning to play a higher scoring game of shuffleboard, Horse Collar will provide the exciting action you're looking for. The Horse Collar shuffleboard game can be played either in teams or one-on-one. The first player or team that scores 51 points wins. It also incorporates an interesting betting element for players that can't score and includes big shots that are worth 26 points.

How to Play the Horse Collar Shuffleboard Game
The shuffleboard game of Horse Collar can be played by a pair of single players or with 2 or more teams of 2 players each. When teams are playing, partners shoot from the same side of the board, and each team uses a set of 4 colored pucks. In a one-on-one match, the shoot on opposite sides, and each player uses 8 colored pucks. Depending on how many are playing, teams might have to alternate the ends on which they're playing with each frame. During the game, players are not allowed to leave their positions to see what their opponent or partner has thrown. The object of the game is for a player or a team to score 51 points. However, a that score doesn't automatically mean a win. The winner must have the hammer (the last shot) in their hand to claim victory. Each shuffleboard player or team finishes each frame, and the highest score is the winner.

How to Throw Pucks in Horse Collar Shuffleboard Game
The object is to score the most points. However, before a player or a team can score, at least 1 puck must be a 3-pointer or more. After that, the scoring breaks down somewhat differently than other shuffleboard games

How to Keep Horse Collar Shuffleboard Game Score
Every puck that goes past the foul line is counted when scoring in Horse Collar, so long as at least 1 puck is in the 3-point section. In that case, the usual scoring for most shuffleboard games applies for pucks in the 1-point, 2-point and 3-point sections. In Horse Collar, pucks that are hanging over the edge ("hangers") in the middle of the board in the 3-point area are awarded 13 points. Pucks that are in the corners of the board are awarded 26 points.

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