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Crazy Eights Shuffleboard Rules

Crazy Eights Shuffleboard Rules

While Crazy Eights is similar to other shuffleboard games in terms of throwing pucks and keeping score, the way in which points are scored is quite different, making it both challenging and fun.

How to Play Basic Crazy Eights Shuffleboard Game

Played with 2 or more people, Crazy Eights gives all players an equal chance. They play at alternate ends of the board for each frame, and each player uses all 8 red and blue pucks. The number of points needed to win is agreed upon before the start of the game, and it can vary. Frames are played until a player scores that number of points, but that doesn't mean they automatically win. Every player finishes the frame, and then the highest score equal to or greater than the chosen game point is the winner, but only if that player is the last person to play (is in possession of the hammer). If the last player is in a tie with another player, another round is played and the winner is then determined.

What are the Steps to Playing Crazy Eights Shuffleboard Game?

The Crazy Eights shuffleboard game involves a precise series of steps to play and score.

  1. Group 4 weights of the same color together and throw them with 1 hand. If all 4 do not pass the long foul line (at the far end of the board) and stay in play, no points are scored for that round.
  2. If no points are scored, the player gets a "hickey" for the "hickey jar" (if the particular tournament has one). It is then the turn of the next player on the other end of the board.
  3. If all 4 weights pass the foul line and remain on the board, the player shoots the 4 weights of the other color 1 at a time and tries to knock off the first 4 weights.
  4. If all the weights of the first color are knocked off the board and there is at least 1 of the second color still on the board and beyond the long foul line, those weights are scored.
  5. If none of the second group of weights remain on the board, there is no score and the player gets a hickey in the hickey jar. The next player on the opposite end of the board then shoots.

How to Score Crazy Eights Shuffleboard Game
Beyond the specific conditions that must be met before scoring begins, the Crazy Eights game is similar to the Knock Off game. If the puck is between the long foul line and the "2" line, 1 point is scored. Pucks that are completely across that "2" line are awarded 2 points. Pucks across the "3" line score 3 points. A hanger (a weight that hangs over the end of the board) scores 4 points. View the weight from above to make a determination if it is close to the line. Hangers can be confirmed by sliding a weight's top along the back end of the board. If it comes into contact with the weight in question, it's a hanger.

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