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Target Shuffleboard Rules

Target Shuffleboard Rules

What is the Target Table Shuffleboard Game?
The Target table shuffleboard game gives players the opportunity to take aim and shoot at a specific target. Otherwise, it is played in the same way as a regular shuffleboard game, and it is possible to score between 1 and 4 points. Only the winner scores in each played round. Instead of foul lines on the board, there is a target area for scoring. The Target shuffleboard game can be played by individual players or in teams. The object of the game is to slide your 4 pucks against your opponent's and reach the highest scoring section without having them fall off the end of the board. Each player takes turn sliding pucks until all 8 have been played. Only the winner scores, and the game is typically played until a player scores 21 points.

How to Throw Pucks Playing Target Shuffleboard Game
The first player to shoot and the color for each player is decided by a coin toss. Players stand at the same end of the table. The first player slides the first puck toward the target. The player's opponent then slides their first puck, trying to either knock off the other's puck or place their own puck in a higher position. The player or team whose puck occupies the highest scoring position at the end of the round wins that round. After each round, the players move to the opposite end of the board to begin another frame. The previous winner shoots the first puck.

How to Keep Score in Target Shuffleboard Game
The values of all of a player's pucks that lie in a higher scoring position than that of their opponent's highest scoring weight are added together for their frame score. The value of the pucks depends upon the target zone in which they're in. Any puck that clears the foul line closest to the players but does not completely clear the outer target ring scores 1 point. A puck that clears the outer target ring and lies within a larger ring zone or doesn't clear the line of the intermediate ring scores 2 points. If the puck clears the intermediate ring line and lies in the zone between that and the inner black ring, it scores 3 points. Pucks that touch the black inner ring of the target score 4 points. For the full 5 points, the puck must completely cover the black inner ring of the center target.

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