Shuffleboard Weights, Pucks & Cases

Shop our full selection of Made In The USA shuffleboard weights (also referred to as shuffleboard pucks) and accessories from top name brands. You'll find a generous selection of all the items you need to play the game, like weights, weight cases, weight caps and more! Choose from the leading brands in the shuffleboard industry, such as Pro Series and American Shuffleboard for quality you can trust. Shuffleboard weights and pucks are an integral part of the game, so choosing a quality item is a must. Our weights and pucks were carefully selected because of their style, durability, and craftsmanship, so you can rest assured that you're choosing the best products available. We also offer a selection of accessories like weight cases and weight caps. The rugged cases will protect your weights while not in use and the colorful caps will help protect and identify your weights on the playing field. Decals are available for numbering your pucks, as well as cap wrenches for installing and removing weight caps.
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