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History of the Game

While all sports have their unique histories, few, if any have been as intricately woven into the political and international events of world history as shuffleboard. The history of shuffleboard is a scholarly tale dating back to 15 th Century England that includes literary figures, wealthy estate owners, high profile tournaments, Hollywood royalty and dedicated associations, but it's also a personal story of a love of the game.

Shuffleboard's British Beginnings
Shuffleboard had many names in its earliest form, originating in 15 th Century England. It was initially called shove groat or slide groat, since people would slide a "groat" (a large British coin worth approximately 4 pence) down the length of a table. Later on, when a silver penny would be used instead, the game was known as shove-penny or shovel-penny. It was a game of skill and chance that became a beloved pastime in the wealthy country estates of England, gaining popularity in the Wiltshire, Staffordshire and Winchester regions.

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