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Shuffleboard Tables From 7' To 22' SHOP BY SIZE Low Price Guarantee
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Where to Play Table Shuffleboard in Cincinnati

The best place to play Table Shuffleboard in Cincinnati is in the comfort of your own home, with one of our Shuffleboard Tables For The Home, which come in sizes ranging from 9' to 22'. Our most popular residential sizes are our 12' Shuffleboard Tables and 14' Shuffleboards. But if you're looking for a night out on the town and want to play some Table Shuffleboard, please check out our list of the best places to play Shuffleboard in Cincinnati.

Welcome to the Chili Capital of America, Cincinnati, Ohio! Known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, strongly influenced its history of German and Irish immigrants, Cincinnati loves its food, music and sports teams and wants to share them with everyone. While you're there enjoying the local sounds and flavors, visit some of The Shuffleboard Federation's picks for top locations to play shuffleboard in the city.

Fries Café
3245 Jefferson Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Known for a rotating selection of craft beers, Fries Café caters to everyone from professionals to local regulars to students taking a break from exams. On the first floor you'll find their legendary shuffleboard table, as it's always been, near the jukebox and main bar. Outside is a covered patio and deck area open in the warmer months where the bar hosts live music and other events. From billiards to shuffleboard, craft beer to local music, Fries Café has something for everyone.

Milton's Prospect Hill Tavern
301 Milton St
Cincinnati, OH 45202

They're one big happy family at "The Milts," a place to hang out, pet a dog, have a cold drink and spend time with family and friends. Expect a diverse crowd, a laid back atmosphere and a dog-friendly environment. The bartenders will remember your drinks and the regulars will welcome you no matter where you're from. Their tongue-in-cheek, unofficial motto is "we suck less than most places." That's everything you could want in a neighborhood joint.

Fifty West Brewing Company
7668 Wooster Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45227

Craftsmanship, tradition, innovation and patience are the virtues of the Fifty West Brewing Company, located in a former roadside speakeasy on US Route 50 heading west into Cincinnati. The Shuffleboard Federation picked this impressive brewing joint for their list of best places to play shuffleboard in Cincinnati, but Fifty West also offers volleyball leagues, running and cycling groups, and a beer-centric approach to enjoying friends and neighbors. The food is elegant, the beer is some of the best you can buy, and the vibe is simple: Never stop exploring.

Americano Burger Bar
545 Race St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Inspired by the rich heritage of the American Melting Pot experience, Americano Burger Bar has taken the staples we all love and elevated them with international flavors from all over the world. If the American Dream is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, you'll find it here. They also appreciate friendly competition, encouraging patrons to grab a shuffle puck or foosball stick to decide who is going to buy the next round. That is if you're not too busy knocking down one of the amazing burgers on their burgers & dogs menu. They're delicious but messy. Don't worry. They have extra napkins.

What's the only thing better than a night on the town to play some Table Shuffleboard? That's easy, playing on your own Shuffleboard Table! Shop at The Shuffleboard Federation to find the perfect home shuffleboard table for your space so you can practice and play any time you like.

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