Places to Play Table Shuffleboard in Seattle, WA

Seattle may never achieve the same stellar reputation among shuffleboard players that it has with java drinkers, but maybe it should. The truth is, this corner of the great Northwest is teeming with activity that should attract shuffleboard players who live in - or are visiting - the state of Washington.

A game that seems to have been born to be played in bars, table shuffleboard bears a resemblance the Olympic sport of curling. A fun sport for groups with two or three players to a team, shuffleboard has a large following in the Seattle area, with plenty of bars offering the game as a recreation option for its patrons. The object of shuffleboard is to score more points than your opponent by either knocking his pucks off or by sliding your pucks past his into a higher score zone. Usually, the winner is the first player or team to reach 15 points.

While billiards has been a standard recreation option for bar patrons for decades, shuffleboard has started to gain ground on pool in popularity. In some venues, shuffleboard may have even surpassed the popularity of billiards. If you can't resist the lure of the board, here are some bars in Seattle that can help you get your fix:

Lava Lounge
2226 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-5660

Located in the busy Belltown section of Seattle close to the city's downtown waterfront, this dive bar with a pirate pleasure cruise motif is replete with a shuffleboard area, darts, foosball and retro arcade games. Shuffleboard sticklers should be aware, however, that Lava Lounge's shuffleboard tables are shorter than most and they have bumpers. If you're hungry for shuffleboard, check out Lava Lounge. Hungry for a meal? Look elsewhere. Lava Lounge serves drinks, but has no menu.

Ballard Station Public House
2236 NW Market St.
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 906-9040

Situated in Old Ballard on NW Market Street, this bar known for its paninis and meat and cheese snacks and the opportunity to play shuffleboard in the back to the tunes cranked out on Ballard Station Public House's digital jukebox. You can also watch Pac-12 football games, Gonzaga basketball, play darts and enjoy beverages at reasonable prices. What's not to love?

Brave Horse Tavern
310 Terry Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 971-0717

This pretzel-and-beer bar in Amazon country on Terry Avenue is a place to enjoy drinks (they've got about 30 beers on tap), wood-fired pretzels and thick juicy burgers with friendly service and ample portions before moving on to the shuffleboard tables in the back. Become a member of the Brave Horse Tavern Beer Club and you'll receive an exclusive heads-up on beer events, visiting brewers, Tom Douglas beer events, specials and more.

1130 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 322-2296

Got a hankering for some shuffleboard or billiards in the First Hill section of Seattle? Garage offers shuffleboard downstairs and a few bowling lanes if strikes and spares are your thing. Bowling is $30 an hour (shoe rentals not included), but just $12 an hour from 3 to 10 p.m. on Sundays. Enjoy fries, chicken strips and an assortment of other bar finger foods before you get on to the gaming portion of your evening.

Eastlake Zoo Tavern
2301 Eastlake Ave. E.
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 329-3277

If your evening out demands nothing more than pitchers of beer rather than liquor, and you want to get in a little shuffleboard in the Eastlake section of the city, check out this amiable dive bar that offers not only shuffleboard, but snooker tables. Snooker is a pocket billiards game with 15 red balls, six balls of other colors and six pockets. If that's more snooker info than you really wanted to know, there's still shuffleboard.

9LB Hammer
6009 Airport Way S.
Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 762-3373

Shuffleboard fans in the Georgetown section of Seattle can visit 9LB Hammer to get their game on. This charming dive bar is dimly lit with attentive bartenders, a vast array of liquor choices and - the best part - free shuffleboard. Games (which also include free pool) are mostly on one half of the bar, while the other half of the bar, which is separated by a full wall, is where you can drink and convene with friends.

While there might be nothing cooler for shuffleboard players in Seattle to get out and play in one of the city's trendy - or not-so-trendy - night spots, sometimes you'd rather hunker down at home and play shuffleboard there. The Shuffleboard Federation's selection of shuffleboard tables by Hudson, Venture, Champion and other brand names can bring this great game into your own den or rec room.

Copyright: dibrova / 123RF Stock Photo

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