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2011 Sol Lipkin Award Recipient - Billy Mays

2011 Sol Lipkin Award Recipient - Billy Mays

2011 Sol Lipkin Award - Billy Mays - Click To View


As the greatest player in the history of Table Shuffleboard, your influence on the way the game is played is unparalleled.

However, your greatest impact on the game has been as a teacher. From novice players, to your fellow pros, you have taken the time to teach anyone who was willing to listen. In the process, you have helped countless people to improve their skills and better their game. Future generations of shuffleboard players will be a lasting testament to your efforts and knowledge.

In grateful appreciation of your legacy as the greatest teacher our sport has ever known,

We proudly present the


in recognition of your
extraordinary contributions to
the advancement of our sport.

November 4, 2011

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