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Shuffleboard Scoreboards, Lights & Pin Gates

All scoreboards are discounted with the purchase of a shuffleboard table. Click the images for for information on a particular model. Adding a scoreboard or light to your shuffleboard table is a great way to enhance your enjoyment of the game and add to the excitement of competition. The great looking shuffleboard scoreboards and table lights are designed to complement the rich finishes of many different styles of shuffleboard.Choose from either manual or electronic shuffleboard scoreboards from top brands such as Venture and Champion. Both types of scorekeepers are finished to match the table, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Shuffleboard scorekeepers are discounted when purchased with a table. Rods and bars for attaching the scoreboards to the tables are also available.We also carry shuffleboard table lights and shuffleboard table pin gates by Champion. Pin gates are useful in preventing unauthorized play, especially on coin-operated tables. Over the table lights illuminate the playing field, making it easy to see lines and weights for a more enjoyable game. Either item can be used in home and commercial settings.

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