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Deluxe Accessory Package

Deluxe Accessory Package
Deluxe Accessory Package    

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Item Description
With our deluxe shuffleboard accessory kit, you can have everything you need for the care of your shuffleboard and the quality of your play, while saving money. This starts with 6 cans of the top-rated Ultra Glide™ shuffleboard wax, for a variety of playing speeds. This brand of wax is preferred by professional players. Our popular Shuffleboard Maintenance Kit includes 1 2 3 Cleaner and Polish/Wax, plus Super Slick® silicone spray for consistent speed and to prevent scratching. There’s a wooden board wipe with removable cleaning pad and a replacement pad. The plastic T-square will help you get accurate measurements in close games, and the talc bag keeps your hands dry without messy powder. The How to Play wall signs gives a handy reminder of the rules of the game, and The Shuffleboard Federation League & Tournament Rule book includes information about league organization, handicapping, shuffleboard maintenance tips and rules for various shuffleboard games. Our shuffleboard accessory kit handily anticipates all you’ll require for board maintenance and quality, enjoyable playing.

Save over $40.00 on a combination of our most popular items. Everything you need to enjoy and maintain your shuffleboard table.
1 can of Ultra Glide™ R2 Powdered Wax
1 can of Ultra Glide™ R3 Powdered Wax
1 can of Ultra Glide™ R4 Powdered Wax
1 can of Ultra Glide™ T2 Powdered Wax
1 can of Ultra Glide™ T3 Powdered Wax
1 can of Ultra Glide™ T4 Powdered Wax
1 Shuffleboard Maintenance Kit
1 Deluxe Board Wipe
1 Board Wipe Replacement Cleaning Pad
1 Plastic T-Square
1 League & Tournament Rule Book
1 Set of How to Play Wall Signs
2 Talc Bags

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  • I was delighted to find their excellent web site for the first time. I was in need of some supplies before NY Eve and they gave the order special attention and got me the goods when I needed them. It was excellent service supported by individual attention from the head of the Federation.

  • Extra-emely great service. Will continue to get products from them.

  • Thanks for the prompt service and quality selections. I built a handmade shuffleboard table, and needed a good source for accessories, you guys are it, for sure. Thanks again...

  • I submitted my order and received it in two days. I can't complain about the service I received.

  • Way out here in Hawaii, I expected the order to take weeks for the Shuffleboard Federation to complete - even though I had commented that I would pay extra for other than the ground based delivery services that were assumed. Imagine my delight when within days I had received my rather modestly priced order!