Volume 1, Number 2

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BoardBits. com™ September 13, 2001 Volume 1, Number 2
Greetings fellow shuffleboard enthusiasts.

In this issue: 2001 NASC™ · Sol Lipkin Award · New Pro Series™ Weights

The 2001 North American Shuffleboard Championships™ are just six weeks away and enthusiasm has never been higher. Entries are coming in at a very strong pace and we feel like this might be the year that the tournament finally tops the 300 player mark. For the first time in the history of the NASC™, we are feeling no stress in terms of how the boards will play. We are very confident that we now have the best group of boards ever assembled for a major tournament.

We would like to thank and acknowledge Art Elliff of Rogue River Oregon for being the first player signed up for the second straight year. Prior to that, Jim Filkins was the first person entered for the previous three years. Please remember that the early entry deadline is September 17. Any entries post marked after that date are subject to a $5.00 late fee for registration and for each event entered.

If you have not yet made your airline reservations, you will be happy to know that we are seeing the lowest airfares in several years. There is a great new web site for air travel called Orbitz.com. This web site is owned jointly by hundreds of airlines worldwide. We have used this web site to buy most of the tickets for our staff. Examples of current fares for round trip airfare are $218.00 from Indianapolis, Indiana, $225.00 from Houston, Texas and $225.00 from Omaha, Nebraska.

The feedback regarding the changes in format for the 2001 NASC™ have been quite positive, particularly the change in the Division II Doubles from Single Game, Double Elimination to a Two out of Three winners Bracket and a Single 21 point Game in the losers bracket. For more information on the 2001 NASC™, please use the following links to print an entry form right off the web site, view the Schedule of Events or to obtain general information. One change that should be very well received is that, with the exception of the doubles events, there will be no more early morning auctions.

With respect to the Six Person Team Event, we are asking that all money for that event be sent by the team captain only. This makes for a much less confusing event and eliminates the need to issue refunds or track down players who are on a team but have not paid. If you want to play in that event but do not have a team, please wait until you get to Reno to sign up. We will do our best to get everyone who wants to play in that event on a team.

We would like to welcome Linda Ritter to the tournament staff. She will assist Kathy in getting the events organized and will also be running some round robins for us along with Jack Davis. We have openings on the tournament staff for a couple of board waxers. Anyone who is interested or knows someone who might be a candidate, please call us at 800-380-3033.

There is an error on the room rates on the tournament flyer because we miscalculated the tax on the rooms. The actual rate is $54.88, including tax, not $53.41 as appears on the flyer. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

One of the hottest shuffleboard items in recent memory has been the embroidered NASC™ jackets. These soft, comfortable micro fiber jackets feature beautiful three color embroidery with the NASC™ logo on the back and The Shuffleboard Federation® logo on the front. To order your jacket for pickup at the tournament you can call us at 800-380-3033 or order on-line by clicking 2001 NASC™ Jacket.

Co-Sponsors have played a big role in the NASC™ in the past and this year will be no exception. The following Co-Sponsor options are available. Bronze: $100, Silver: $250, Board Sponsor: $300, Gold: $500 and Platinum. Please call us at 800-380-3033 for more information.

Congratulations to Jim Foran who has been selected to receive 2001 Sol Lipkin Award. Jim has been the backbone of shuffleboard in the Pacific Northwest for many years. Even though he does not play much anymore, he is still considered to be the most respected individual in the shuffleboard community in that part of the country. We invite everyone to join us in honoring Jim by attending the presentation , which will be made by Sol Lipkin, on Friday, November 2.

The Sol Lipkin Award is The Shuffleboard Federation's highest honor and is awarded to those who have a long history of "extraordinary contributions to the advancement of shuffleboard." Previous winners of the prestigious award are George & Donna Wilber, Don Valk, Bill Melton, Hal Perry and Ron & Debbie Bowers.

Announcing: Pro Series™ 10's will be available in Reno at the 2001 NASC™. It was five years ago, at the 1996 NASC™, that our Pro Series™ Weights made their debut. This year marks both the fifth anniversary and the 10'th series. Anyone who would like to pick up a set at the tournament should call us at 800-380-3033.

There will also be at least one prototype set of a new addition to the Pro Series™ family. Due to popular demand, we will be introducing a new line of weights to compliment the current line. The goal for these new weights is for them to be approximately 18" slower than the current models. Anyone who is interested in trying them out should see us at the tournament. You can also pre-order a set by calling us at 800-380-3033.

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