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2002 Table Shuffleboard World Championships - General Information Page

Free Shuffleboard Table Promotion: The Ambassador, which has a retail value of $4,500, is manufactured by Venture Entertainment and is the official Shuffleboard Table of the North American Shuffleboard Championships™ and World Championship Tournament (WCT™). The drawing for the shuffleboard Table will take place at the 2002 NASC™ on the evening of Friday, November 1. Ticket holders need not be present to win.

All registered players will receive one ticket for each event they enter at both the WCT™ in April 2002 and the 2002 NASC™. Any player attending both tournaments will receive two chances for each event entered at both contests. All players must be registered guests of the Sands Regency Hotel. This promotion is being sponsored by Venture Entertainment of Hillside, New Jersey. Qualifying events at the WCT™ include the Handicapped Draw on Tuesday, the five amateur draws (one per day Wednesday through Sunday), Ladies Singles, Ladies Doubles, Open Doubles and Round Robin Singles.

Pari-mutual betting: One of the most exciting new features of the WCT™ is pari-mutual style betting. This works the same as it does at horse and dog racing tracks. Prior to the start of the Open Doubles, Open Singles, Ladies Doubles and Ladies Singles, you can wager on who you think will finish in the top three (win, place and show). Odds and pay outs are determined by the total amount of money wagered. Additionally, you will be able to make perfecta and trifecta wagers, in which you try to pick the first and second, or first second and third place finishers. In the main event, the $1,000 true round robin singles, you will be able to bet on every game.

Event Information: The Open Doubles begins on Wednesday, April 3 at 12:00 noon. There will be $3,000 of added money for this event. The format is double elimination with 15 point games and two out of three in both the winners and losers bracket.

Thursday will feature Ladies Doubles and the conclusion of the Open Doubles. The format will be the same as in the Open Doubles, double elimination with 15 point games and two out of three in both the winners and losers bracket.

On Friday the Ladies Singles and Round Robin Singles begin. The format for the Ladies Singles is two out of three, double elimination, with 15 point games in both the winners and losers bracket. For the Round Robin Singles, the format is one 15 point game against every other player in the field. The player with the best record wins the tournament. Prize money for this event will go to the top 50% of the field. If this event fills up, $2,000 will be added to it.

There will be a $50.00 Draw Partners (with an auction) daily at 11:00 a.m. beginning on Wednesday. These events are single game, double elimination with 15 point games in both the winners and losers bracket. "1" rated players may not draw each other. Every day, after the conclusion of the Draw Partners, there will be four boards available for round robins and challenge games.

Cancellation & Refund Policy: The registration and board fee are not refundable. There is a 25% cancellation fee for any event you sign up for and do not participate in.

Weights: Players may use their own weights, which must have red & blue caps. They may be any brand, so long as the plating is intact and in good condition. The total weight is must be not less than 320 grams, nor more than 340 grams. All weights are subject to inspection by the Tournament Director who may, at his discretion, disallow any weights he deems unacceptable. Weights that are excessively scratched or have or plating that is worn through are examples of unacceptable equipment.

Room Reservation: To make room reservations, call the Sands Regency at 800-648-3553 and tell them your group code number is SHU331. Rates are $48.00 per night plus tax, maximum double occupancy.

For more information, please call The Shuffleboard Federation at 800-380-3033.
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