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Shelti Air Hockey Tables

For professional arcade-quality games, we carry premium Shelti air hockey tables. These top-of-the-line tables have many features to provide you with exceptional playing and long-lasting quality. From flush top rails and concealed rail fasteners, to solid-core polymer legs with levelers, these tables are constructed for top performance and durability. Playfield supports and cabinet aprons are made from MDF board to be chip and scratch resistant. Medium-density fiberboard is an engineered wood combined with wax and resin, forming a much stronger and denser product than ordinary particle board. The table’s playing surface is made from pressure laminated 3/4 inch thick MDF with air chambers. The commercial-grade blower motor keeps the larger, heavier pucks gliding smoothly. The Enforcer air hockey and Wingman tables come complete with an infrared electronic scoring device, professional mallets and 3-1/4 inch solid pucks. These quality tables and accessories are the same you’ll find in commercial arcades, at affordable prices, for fast-action play.

Shelti Air Hockey Tables
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  • I was delighted to find their excellent web site for the first time. I was in need of some supplies before NY Eve and they gave the order special attention and got me the goods when I needed them. It was excellent service supported by individual attention from the head of the Federation.